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Welcome to Sad Zombie Land.

1 Features

  • Dedicated Server with 24/7 Uptime
  • 120 GB SSD, 16GB Ram, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
  • 10km x 10 km Map pregenerated
  • No PvP or Griefing
  • Whitelisted
  • Dynmap for realtime world map

2 Server Rules

  • Keep it polite, there are children present.
  • Follow the golden rule.
  • Absolutely no PvP or griefing, this server is PvE only.
  • Stake a claim by asking Demosthenexx to add your new base as an icon on the Dynmap. Try to settle at least a few hundred blocks from other existing bases to give your neighbors room too, there's plenty of space!
  • Email address is required, all users will be subscribed to the mailing list.
  • Proper grammar and spelling are appreciated.

3 VOIP Communications

We use Mumble on the server for gameplay. You're encouraged to create channels for teaming.

  • Minimum version of Mumble 1.2.x
  • Mumble Server:

Be sure to pay attention to the microphone setup.

We ask that all players use push to talk.

4 Server Information

5 Modpack

  • Gregtech 6 + Thaumcraft, no other tech trees
  • Absolutely no RF
  • Many common utility mods
  • Harvestcraft and Cooking for Blockheads!
  • Spice of Life with a FIFTY food history
  • 2 x slower food growth and slow healing
  • Zombie Awareness configured for omniscient zombies
  • Special Mobs, Special AI, Infernal Mobs
  • Pretty things like Carpenter's Blocks and Architecture craft!
  • Did I mention Gregtech?

6 Other reading

7 Tips

You are an adventurer making their way in a land once overrun by zombies. You came prepared!

On first login each player receives:

  • 1 iron sword and a full set of leather armor
  • 8 flint, 8 sticks, 8 dry grass
  • 4 sandwiches, 4 hot teas, 1 pumpkin cheesecake (in honor of Pumpkin Keep!)
  • a leather backpack
  • 2 common treasure bags (for a little RNG)

7.1 General tips

  • Consider turning off InvTweaks autoreplace for tools, GT also replaces with the COLUMN of tools over the hotbar if they match the current type. These two features conflict and can have unpredictable results.
  • Finite water has been enabled. Gregtech turns this on by default, and river biomes have infinite water. The Cooking for Blockheads sink is unlimited and cheap (iron + wood) water in the early game. Later use a drain on a pipe in a river to collect as much as you like.
  • Deserts and large beaches (sandy areas) are amazing for starting ores! You really need the lead, copper and tin found in the sand.
  • GT recipes may require vanilla cobblestone. The other rock types can be made into vanilla slabs, and then stacked to make a cobblestone.
  • Common features from old packs are still present. You can't eat the same food nonstop. Plants need real sunlight. Domestic animals fight back.
  • Use NEI constantly. All the GT recipes are new and different! It's an overhaul mod, nothing is left untouched.

7.2 Food

  • Food types stack quickly. Use your knife to make slices of carrots, cucumbers, apples, and more. You can also make fruit salad with the knife and almost any two fruits or berries. Grapes and strawberries can be added to fruit salad too. Later with a juicer you can make juice from any berry and collect it in a bottle or jug.
  • Crafting a hammer with a bone only gives 1 bonemeal. You can use the bones on the mortar for 2 bonemeal per bone.
  • Pam's Animal Traps can use the wheat you can't eat (yet) to obtain meats and leather.
  • Sugar cane grows rapidly and is valuable as an early fuel!
  • Pineapple, apple, carrots, and cucumbers are all slicable into 4. You can eat about 10 before you can't anymore.
  • Dairy is incredible! Wooden buckets can always milk a cow (no cooldown). The GT mixer can turn milk into cream, and cream into butter. It costs hunger points to process them, so the infinite milk isn't a problem. Cream and butter unlock many new recipes.
  • Hunger Overhaul has bonemeal disabled, BUT the fertilized dirt works and speeds up growth 3x. I don't intend to nerf this, but I may put the plant growth back to 4x vanilla (instead of 2x vanilla) if FD is in common use. Consider it a farm upgrade you purchase, spending mob stuff to make a speedy field. Hammer on bones to make bonemeal.
  • Fertilized dirt is totally ok, since zombies now seek and destroy it just like normal farmland.
  • Salt for pam's recipes can be made from salt (blue stone). Hammer it to get crushed salt, craft it to make cubes, then mortar them to make salt. Given the size of the salt stone biomes, it's unlikey that salt would be rare.
  • You can use a flint knife to slice fruit and veggies for a different food. This flint knife can also be used as a Pam's Cutting Board.
  • Some fruit, nuts, grains, and veggies you find can be cooked in a furnace to make a new, better food item.
  • GregTech berries are good and count as fruit in all recipes. Make sure you right click Pam's gardens, so you can take them home. Every garden will spread to a total of 5 in a 7x7 space.
  • Pam's Land and fish traps might be good for beginning meat. Animals traps need t be in the ground. Fish traps need to be surrounded by water. You need string, however. Look for textile gardens to get cotton seeds. Various baits can be made from random fruits, veggies, and grain. Fish bait needs fish, but it is a net gain of 1.
  • Pam's kitchen tools (cutting board, pots, etc) can be made with copper
  • To plant seaweed, cranberries, and rice you click with the PLANT (not a seed) on a 1 deep water block over a solid block. I have confirmed all three work. Also, interestingly enough, mobs don't break them because they are looking for farmland. Glenn has confirmed you can plant these ON THE OCEAN, so you can make your shoreline into a valuable crop.
  • Don't break Pam's Gardens if you can help it. Always leave one, as I set the duplication rate to high. Right click to take it home to plant. If you don't leave some behind, new ones will not appear.
  • GT bushes are available and grow fast. Be careful overdosing, the sugar high won't kill you, but can take you to 1 HP if you eat too many.

7.3 Security

  • Pit traps are an effective early game defense
  • Tornadoes are enabled, however they do NOT damage farms, only players and the occasional herd of cows.
  • Mobs are smart, and there are lots of them. Infernal is on, so some are virtually unkillable. We still have the every 15 minute cleanup to keep them fresh, and let you survive if you can hide long enough. There was an instakill teleporting witch in an update which I have disabled.
  • We have successfully made a secure base utilizing a tower with a drowning moat design. The upper deck supports several crop fields, and the underground allows mining access. I recommend we duplicate this design for the spawn base on go-live.
  • Carpenters torches, doors, ladders are all griefable just like their vanilla counterparts. However note that carpenters ladders can be skinned with high durability things like obsidian and they take AGES for a zombie to break. Food for thought.
  • Taint is enabled. Big deadly spreading poison zone with tentacle monsters. You've been warned.
  • There are many GT blocks that say "monsters cannot spawn on this block". That is FALSE. Do not believe it. Other mods in the modpack override that logic.
  • There are 3 ways to survive the night outside a base:
    • Climb a jungle tree in a dense forest
    • Dig under a pond (not river or ocean!) and wait for morning, then dig away faster than they can swim
    • Take a boat (and a backup) onto the ocean
  • Bricks are creeper proof, but not TNT proof. This may help with early bases against vanilla creepers.
  • Drowning moats and strong defenses are a must. You can't survive in the open at night. Use the trick of digging into a pond (not the sea) and then dig out in the morning leaving the mobs behind in the water.

7.4 Tech

  • Early iron uses black sand from river biomes
  • Iron needs dark ashes, which you only get by burning coal or lignite in a burning box.
  • Once you have bronze steam power for a bronze centrifuge, you can take the regular ashes and centrifuge them to get carbon dust!
  • Carbon dust unlocks steel and doubles the output of iron recipes. Suddenly steel is easier to make than bronze.

7.4.1 Tools

  • Smash Cobblestone to get stones of similar type. Using the stones of a particular type can give you better tools than using vanilla stone.
  • Use a hammer on cobble to make rocks of the stone type. This is great for tools. Given how easy it is to make new rocks, I don't think recycling pebbles is needed.
  • Shift-rightclick to remove seawater from a bucket
  • Clay jugs can be made early to store 2 buckets of water or lava, but they cannot place blocks. A wooden bucket can take from a jug to place water, and an iron bucket can place lava.

7.4.2 Mining

  • Gather rocks and sticks off the ground. Early game tools are made from rock and flint. Mind which rocks you pickup, they can indicate ores in the area.
  • Ore is no longer in a 3x3 chunk grid, it's now random through the world. The only clue as to what ore is nearby is the stones you find on the surface. Protip: place a sign or map mark where you find unusual stones!
  • Ore veins are still large, but not necessarily tightly clustered. They tend to start with more small ores on the outside, and then get to full size ores in the middle.

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